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First drive in the new to me 61 Lark.

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  • First drive in the new to me 61 Lark.

    I've been wanting to drive the new Lark since I fired it up. The rust hole that had been previously cut out and rinsing the fuel tank were stopping me from a drive. I put a temporary patch over the large hole and mounted a gas pedal. Rinsed out and remounted the tank. Had to remount the side mirror that was in the trunk. Last on the list were tail lights. After a quick trip to my FLAPS for bulbs I had lights. I don't have lenses yet. With the help from my daughters nail polish I had red bulbs in no time. I drove up to the end of the street checking things out and it all felt good. I felt pretty confident so I drove over to my sisters house to show it off. Its about 3 miles one way and a speed limit of 45 for part of the trip. Brother in law liked the tail lights. Other than holes in the muffler the trip was great. No shakes, wines, or clunks. The only slight grinding noise was me forgetting about the non sincro first pulling in my driveway.


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    Congratulations, Gordon....another one back on the road!!

    Dan Miller
    Auburn, GA


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      Even the occasional "grinding in first" is such a pleasant sound to hear, when it is a resurrected Studie. Congratulations and have fun!!