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Update on my 57 President

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  • Update on my 57 President

    Hello All,

    I have being away for a minute because I was mad at my Stude, he is being a very bad boy. I have around 8k into the car and am still going at it. The latest thing that happen is that my transmission main seal is leaking so I need to take out the damm transmission, since am taking the tranny out I will just take the transmission and engine out and I will paint the block and some components and clean up the firewall. I also have to modified (more) one of the headers that is touching the steering gear box remember I have a SBC 350 with a 700R4. I know when am done it will be nice but I have being to hell and back with this car. Since I was mad (just an excuse) I also have some other toys I bought a 1967 Cadillac Deville Convertible and a 86 Buick Grand National.

    Before and now pictures of my stude engine.


    Now (video):

    This is my 67 Deville I just need to finish putting in together it just got Painted:

    This is my 87 Grand National 3.8 turbo (this is before sending it to get painted inside the cabin and outside)