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Stude Parts Garage Sale in California

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  • Stude Parts Garage Sale in California

    I've got a bunch of Stude stuff I would like to sell. I'm getting ready to ebay a load of it, but thought I would offer it here for a quick sale first. I know this is not the best venue for a sale, but what the heck, here it goes:

    A currently running R1 engine with 4 speed straight out of my 54 Coupe. (Its still in the car and running now) The 4 speed is the early Ch*vy style. It has a new Hurst shifter on it. The engine runs good, but has about 60-70K miles on it. The engine will be minus the intake, carb and alternator. The 4 speed works fine, but will slip out of 2nd gear on deceleration. Probably due for some freshening. For the engine, trans, bellhousing, clutch and Hurst shifter, $1800.

    A Jet Thrust R1 engine which came out of a great running, but wrecked 63 R1 GT. The engine comes with the original Flight O Matic trans which is still dialed in with the engine. TC included. This engine is a long block only which means it comes with the full block, crank, pistons, pan, heads and valve covers. This was a hot runner when we pulled it. Its been sitting in dry storage on an engine stand in my barn for about 4 years. For the engine, bellhousing, TC, trans, $1500.

    A 3 row radiator also out of the R1 GT with automatic cooler lines. This radiator was pressure checked OK and is in good shape. $350

    An early 289 engine which turns free. I was told by the previous owner, whom I trust, that this was a running engine. I've not tried to put on the accessories to test it. $400.

    A full flow 259 which turns free, but again, I don't know the condition. $100 or free with the purchase of any one of the above engines.

    A 1954 Champion Hardtop. Solid California car with very little rust. Comes with 2 sets of rear quarter windows, nice flippers, good looking front grill surrounds and straight bumpers, nice straight hood, most glass decent, complete interior but needs redone. Has 3 speed steering column, but also included is an automatic column. No engine in the car, but I will include a period correct 6 cyl with 3 speed or V8 with automatic trans. Also included is a spare rear end. I will throw in a box of misc parts specific to this car. $3500

    A 56 Commander 2 door wagon with 259 V8 and automatic trans. A good solid California car with no serious rust in the body, but rust out in the front floors. Tail gate hinges work fine as does the rear window. I got the engine to run briefly, but have not pursued it further. I will include the above mentioned full flow 259 with this car as a spare unless its already taken by someone buying one of the other engines. This car has most of the glass in useable condition even though some of it has bubbling. The front windshield is cracked, but I will include a good used windshield. The interior is all there, but needs redone. $2500.

    A 61 Lark 2 door coupe with 259 V8 and 3 speed OD. This is a great running 259. It sounds awesome through smitty mufflers. This car needs brakes. Its a good solid body but has rust in the floors. I will include brand new tail light lenses. I've stolen the carb and intake off this car, but will include an intake and carb with it. $500.

    Email me if you're interested in making a package deal. Perhaps you would like to have me drop the R1 4 speed into the 54 Hardtop with some discount pricing for the combination?????

    Maybe you would like to make a deal on the Jet Thrust R1 engine and automatic with the 56 Wagon?????

    Or how about the Jet Thrust R1 with the automatic and the 3 row radiator?????

    Again, this is first come first served. I will be basing it on the date and time of the email.