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Road racer project, and a nice S-P quartet at a cruise (PIX)

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  • Road racer project, and a nice S-P quartet at a cruise (PIX)

    More recent sightings...

    Last Monday was the Hamilton Chapter's June meeting; this month we went to the home of Larry and Barb Gibson on the escarpment south of Grimsby. Larry, a veteran road racer, had his collection of Chevy-powered classics ranged on the back lawn (including his '65 Daytona, which is the one car in the Chapter I covet most!)...and this longterm project, once a parts car for the '65, in the garage. '66 Commander 2dr, rescued from the crusher, now being turned into a road racer. Larry's son (also a racer) calls this beast "The Turdebaker" in reference to its inglorious origins as a parts car bound eventually for the crusher...its future now is brighter by far...and faster!

    And here's a nice S-P foursome seen at last Tuesday's Ancaster cruise-in. L-R: 55 Packard Patrician; 46 M5; 62 Lark; 64 R2 Commander.

    Couple more of "The Turdebaker" to follow...


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    Two more of Larry's '66 racer project...

    Engine (temporary installation) and front suspension, showing the extent of modification. The engine is mounted quite a bit further aft than standard, and the suspension is all-new. Outwardly, though, this '66 will be fairly stock-looking when finished.

    The interior of the '66 racer as it currently appears. Again, much has been changed. This will be a honey when done!

    Teaser...not up on P'bucket yet but there was another way-cool sighting last Thursday at Pier 4...pix to follow ASAP of that one.

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      I love it!!! 66s were always my favorite Lark types.
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        oh ya baby...keep us up to date on this car! Junior
        1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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          Pretty cool, surprising tho that someone would send a 2 door to the crusher.

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            I think the Gibsons realized it was viable for this sort of project, even if it was only a parts car as a stock Stude...and since racing is in the family it made perfect sense to turn the parts car into a project in its own right. It'll be a heck of a ride when finished. The 65 for which it provided parts is gorgeous.



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              Looks like Larry's got a sharp project underway. I'm sure when he's done, he'll have a blast on the track and most likely "embarrass" a lot of the other racersl Wish him the best of luck, and be safe. I guarantee you that car will draw a lot of attention on and off the track. Ask me how I know.

              Dan Miller
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