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1937 Stude roadster???

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  • 1937 Stude roadster???

    Hi - just signed up on this forum today, although I have been an SDC member since '74. One of my hobbies is altering / reworking / modifying 1/18th-scale diecast vehicles.
    My question is: Did Studebaker ever build a roadster or convertible in 1937? I am in the process of building a 1/18-scale model of one, using the front end, rear fenders & chassis from a '37 Coupe Express pickup, and the rear part of the body from a '37 Ford roadster. I have been unable to find any reference photos anywhere of a '37 Stude roadster, and am beginning to wonder if such a vehicle ever existed.....
    Any info will be appreciated

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    I have seen a '37 Dictator scale model coupe turned into a roadster, but not a 1:1 scale...
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      The Fred Fox article in Turning Wheels indicates sedans and coupes only (and Coupe Express)