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  • OPTIMA 6v batteries

    In this months issue of Hemmings, there's a picture of Optima's radical 6v battery which appears to be sitting inside a plastic box that has the same shape, size, and features of an original 6v battery that might have come on a Studebaker and other cars or equipment of that era. It looks really cool and will hide the strange shape of their battery. It also looks like the original battery hold down will fit over the box.

    I went to their website but didn't find any links that looked like they would take me to this mystery box. Does anyone out there know anything about this advertisement/product from Optima?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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      I've seen an Avanti that the owner installed two Optima 6V batteries in place of the 3EE, and wired them in series. I'm sure it worked well, but it's an expensive way to go.
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        When I was in the business I had access to empty cases. I would cut out the dividers and drop the Optima inside. Group 2 was the smallest that would work. The 6v Optima is a wonderful thing for hard starting 6v cars.

        Denny L


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          I've got an Optima 6 V mounted in my battery box diagonally, I fabricated out of Formica a simulated battery and enclosed all but the two posts in it. At a glance you can't tell the difference. In fact, no one, challenged to find something wrong with the battery, has been able to do so. And boy does it crank.


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            X3 on the Optima being the way to go 6V.

            As an aside, I've asked them why they don't just take their regular 12V 6-cell battery and wire the two sides in parallel so we'd have the right shape and twice the cold cranking amps. Since they sell 12V for less than the 6V, it couldn't be cost.

            thnx, jack vines


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              Those are some great ideas. Thanks


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                I put a 6V Optima in my '49 Champion and never regretted it. It turned over like gangbusters even in the coldest weather, and never gave me a lick of trouble. Expensive? Yes - but well worth the money!
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                  When I got my M-16 I went to buy a new 6 volt battery at Auto Zone- $94 for the only one they had made the Optima make MUCH more sense ...