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  • What ya call it?

    I know I hear the name, but this old fart mind had a memory lost.

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    Motometer, IIRC.
    Jim K.
    63 Hawk


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      I would call that a Radiaometer/Radiator Cap, but I don't think it matters, it's a Radiator Cap! If it was a lady or bird, it would be a Cormerant or something like that, still a radiator cap to me!
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        I thought the brand name was "Motor Minder".


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          If I remember right, there was more than one manufacturer or product name for this. A friend of mine has a "MotorMinder" (I think it was that one anyways...)

          Like here is a Motormeter, and really similer to what my friend has.

          So, I think it just depends on what style it is.

          For that Studebaker one, I'm going to guess MotorMinder, or Moto Meter, since it has so many similarities to my friends. If my friends had a Studebaker logo, I'd say they were one and the same just about!
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          Dylan Wills
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            That thing looks like it has olives on it... I bet it is really rare.
            Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
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              The little things on top of the meter are little wind cups, that spin in the wind, so I was thinking it has different name, I agree it's a rad cap. It's the only one I ever saw with the wind cups.