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    Did Studebaker ever produce an auto fan for none a/c cars?

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    Auto Fan? No idea !

    There is a 2 Speed Fan Motor in all Climitizer Heating/Defrost Systems, that's all.

    They can be used to move fresh Cool air also.

    In addition to that, there are left and right Ram-Air fresh air vents from the Cowl, Grille or fender doors depending on model/year. Plenty enough COOL for any 80 Degree day, hotter than that well, you're on your own!
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      Indeed they did. It was an option back in the mid 30's. In fact the fan had the Studebaker name in the center. This was
      intended for use as a defroster. I have photos and AC number if needed.
      Richard Quinn
      Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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        I'm sure there were several after-market suppliers that made them. I've seen electric as well as vacuum operated, and most had rubber blades with no guard. Sounds wierd but they worked quite well.

        Dan Miller
        Auburn, GA


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          I know there are after market units that I could get,just didin't know if Studebaker ever produced one.My car didn't come with a/c.With the air vents open its great,until you stop then its not so great.Don't have the funds to put in a/c right now(not really even sure I want to go to the trouble) but I do have them to buy a fanJust gotta figure out where to put it.


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            One of our local chapter members has one mounted in a 51' Starlite Coupe, just under the edge of the dash on the passenger side, close to the door. It moves a good amount of air...either hot, or cold.

            Dan Miller
            Auburn, GA