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  • February 1997 TW

    I'm looking at some old Turning Wheels and the February '97 issue's inside rear cover is a photo of Bob Bourke with a '53 hardtop. On the lower right corner, is Bourke's autograph. I can't tell if the magazine is signed, or if the picture was signed before it was printed.

    Anybody have this issue laying around that could confirm that I don't have a genuine autograph by Bob Bourke?

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    Kinda a morbid question. When did Bob Bourke pass?
    Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
    Driving a 1954 Champion Coupe powered by a Chrysler 383.
    Lizella, GA


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      It's printed, sorry. Alex, sometime in 1996 - that article is apparently the TW obituary for Mr. Bourke. (no, I didn't know that off the top of my head, I pulled the issue off the shelf to see if there was the same signature as in Matthew's copy.)

      55 Commander Starlight


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        Thanks Nate, I thought that was the case. Just had to make sure.


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          I don't have the issue available here, but it seems like it would have been a picture of Bob with his 1954 Starliner, or was it a picture taken of him alongside someone else's '53 hardtop. I remember being with Bob in Florida in 1984 when a picture like that was taken.
          Gary L.
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