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Starting car without key (1951 champion)

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  • Starting car without key (1951 champion)

    Ok, I just purchased another 1951 Champion Studebaker. This one did not come with key. I will get a key made, but for now, How can I start or turn the car over without the use of the key. I think the term is hot wire?

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    Assuming it is still 6V pos ground run a jumper from the neg side of the battery to the neg post on the coil. If it will turn from the floor mounted switch without the key that should be all you need. If not you will need to jump from the pos side of the battery to the solonoid switch to spin the starter. Steve


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      Run a jumper from the battery to the coil, push the clutch to the floor and then a little more. (that is if it's standard shift) To kill it remove jumper. (g)


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        Some 6-volt soloniods have a starter button on them which will let you roll it over.Not sure about starting. Dave


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          Another way to do it would be to determine which terminals on the back of your ignition switch is used to "Make" the circuit. Then you can install a temporary toggle switch to jump the connection. when I was driving my chassis around while restoring my '48, I simply used a spare headlight switch instead of an ignition switch. It really don't matter what you use as long as you can close the circuit when you want it to run and break the circuit when you want to cut it off. The main thing is to use a strong enough switch to handle the current.
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            Thanks for the reply. Let see if it will start. I will post pictures and results next week.