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Story of the Stolen `36 Dictator Vent Wings.....

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  • Story of the Stolen `36 Dictator Vent Wings.....

    I never thought in a million years I would ever get ripped off at a Stude meet. Espiecially my vent wings, which were not in the best shape, so I had made arrangements to have them duplicated while I was at the meet, since I wasnt having the car judged. But they are a hassle to take off(you need a 2 foot screwdriver to clear the angle of the door to get to the bottom screws), and I got distracted by other last minute priorities before we left, so I let it go for now.I had parked the car on the street row, right next to the water tent Monday night, and thats whwere the car sat till Wednesday night, where I was instructed to move it to the show position, in the first row, under some incredible bright lights, with 6 feet of empty space all around. By the time I went to the car Thursday morning June 3rd, after the judges meeting, they had been carefully removed. I figure it had to take at least 20 minutes to remove them, and the way the car was exposed to everything, I find that incredible.The whole situation was wierd.A person had inquired to one of the outside vendors "if they had a set of wings like on the `36". A guy was caught Wednesday evening messing around my car by Security, but told the guard,"dont worry, its my car". No ID, no badge, no proof.They let him walk off. The police got prints off the driver`s side glass (the thief had time to clean the pass` side glass) and later on I heard the security cameras caught the whole thing on tape. But it stops here.The security company wont show me the pictures,(though I heard a reserve officer has been showing the pictures off around town), and the Glendale police have basically blown it off, a reserve officer telling me I was "lucky" that it has only been a week that they looked ay the case, & it might be "months or years" before anything happens, they get "hundreds" of reports a day! Ive been basically told by all involved Im on my own.To that end Im very apprieciative of the Stude members who have gone out of their way to help Rhonda & I out. I need anyone out there who hears anything to let me or the Glendale police (623) 930-3000,case #10-14461. I thank all those who have shown concern,or who have listened for shows like the one in Sacto. Hopefully some Stude member out there will catch site of my Vent wings,( they are so rare I cant see someone magically appearing with a set at this time).Btw the part number is AC-361, they were only made for `36 Presidents and Dictators.If everybody spreads this around everywhere, maybe they will turn up. In the meantime, if someone has a set I can have copied, i would love to hear from them.
    Thanks for all the support!
    Sam Bailey (562)522-5112

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    It sucks that this kind of thing would happen at a Drivers Club meet. Ive heard my whole life about the squeaky wheel getting the grease, What does everyone think of the idea of calling the Glendale police and requesting that a copy of the video be made available to us ? Times that request by the 200 or so people that frequent this forum in a day and I am willing to gamble that they (police) would take another look at the situation and give in to our request. Arent Cheifs of Police and Sherriffs still elected? There arent that many people that would steal hard to remove Studebaker parts and I feel like someone here would reccognize them. Just my thoughts on the matter. Steve


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      Sheriffs are elected...Chiefs of Police are appointed by the mayor, county head, governor, etc., of whatever political entity they serve. To that end, Sheriffs are answerable to the people...the voters. Chiefs of Police are answerable to the Mayor, county head, governor, whatever.

      This really sucks. I used to be in law enforcement and I know agencies prioritize reports of crime...violent crimes generally get first attention, then property crimes. That doesn't take into account political pressure which occurs to some degree, overtime restrictions on payroll due to budgets, etc.

      I'm not making excuses for what law enforcement does and doesn't do...without serial numbers on property to track (Studebaker wing windows aren't likely to end up in a pawn shop), plus the victim is an out of towner who doesn't have a stake in the locality, many agencies simply won't place a priority on this.

      I'm not blaming law enforcement for the state of's simply reality. When you get down to it, it's the fault of the thief who counts on lack of police pursuit of the crime and that gives him the confidence of his getting away with it.
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        Contacting the department may bump the case, but having access to the video is probably a waste of time. The image will be grainy, and it may not be continous, but intermittent. I know we see them clean up video on CSI all the time, but I think that's mostly Hollywood fiction.


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          So sorry you lost your wind wings, I feel your pain. I wasn't at Glendale, but i has a new R2 Dave T Bow carb stolen at a Tulsa meet. Have a suspect in mind. But can'tdo anything about it. Hope things turn out for you.
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            Originally posted by Maynard View Post
            The image will be grainy, and it may not be continous, but intermittent.
            Agreed, but all we really need is one fair pic to establish if it is someone we do or do not know. Steve


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              While I will be the first one to agree that this discussion should not even be necessary, sadly in this day and age, this kind of thievery is all too common. Sam & Rhonda, you have my empathy - been there myself on occasion.

              I am curious what the point is of having security on site (at a significant $$ cost to the host chapter and/or SDC) if all a "bad guy" has to do is say "I'm the owner" and they get to carry on with their illegal activity without further concern for the law. Surely it would be simple enough to make the "owner" show some proof to the Security Officer when challenged.
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                No offense intended Mark, but maybe they are like the Canadian Border Guard Rent-A-Cops, can't get involved in "disputes" so have NO weapons!
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                  I can tell Rich hasn't been across the border lately <g>

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                    Sorry to hear that this stuff is happening but unfortunately we are dealing with humans, some good, some bad.
                    As the thief could be an out of towner then more reason to view the security footage so that the person can be identified. The police have a captive audience of members who may recognise the person especially if he is a member.
                    I agree that some video images can be grainy and quite useless but certain personal traits might become apparent leading to the culprit.


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                      A &amp; d

                      Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
                      No offense intended Mark, but maybe they are like the Canadian Border Guard Rent-A-Cops, can't get involved in "disputes" so have NO weapons!
                      Gee Rich, I just assumed that everyone in Arizona was "armed and dangerous"!
                      Mark Hayden
                      '66 Commander
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                      Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                        Sorry to hear about your frustrations , but i have a question about the security camera, is it monitored by the hotel ? as i would hope that they would be a little more anxious to help a guest that was part of a large group of people ( the SDC international meet ) that spent a whole week at their hotel and on top of that PAID to park ( something that i , have never had to do at any other hotel in my life )
                        Unfortunatley with all of the legalities in todays world there will always be some excuse as to WHY they cant show it to you , but i cant figure it out.
                        Besides i wish we lived in the times where the cars that most of us in the club drive were new and you could trust people


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                          "The security company wont show me the pictures,"

                          If the security company was hired by the Meet committee, SDC or the hotel, wouldn't they be obliged to share the video with those who employed them?
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                            I was really upset about this as well, it just plain sucks when you are afraid to have or display something nice.

                            As i understand it, the parking lot across the street where the concours was did not belong to the hotel, but rather to the Mall next door. So the security cameras and footage probably belongs to them and not to the hotel. At the same time, why bother to have video if you are not going to use it to apprehend criminals? Clearly we have someone who is pretty bold to take something from a patrolled lot like that. With all the budget cuts going around it's understandable why the law enforcement folks don't make something like this a high priority, at least they did come out and investigate and take finger prints. I hope you are insured and are either able to recover or duplicate them.

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                              My experience with vandals and old cars is you have to prove that it is more than $3000 in damage befor the cops will do jack S--- for you. I feel sorry for you loss I will help in any way I can.
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