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  • Headliner gave out

    The headliner in the 54 wagon finally gave out this Winter. All the straps have torn and it is so rotted that I can not tie it up to the rods. I am afraid to price a headliner for a wagon. I am thinking that it should be possible to find something else to cover it up. I have seen rigs with carpeted roofs and am wondering if an industrial carpet would be a better way to go. I am sure that someone else has had this happen and could not go back stock so whay have you done?
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    Years ago the headliner gave out on my 83 Caprice Wagon. It was one of those glued on felt backed things and the foam just gave out. I priced replacement and it was high and a big job. So I ordered a replacement headliner kit from JC Whitney. It came with little metal bows that you screwed onto the side of the car interior roof, the headliner material and a tool for pushing it in around the sides and windshield. I did it myself and it came out actually better than factory because it looked like a real suspended headliner. Also, no more worries about it falling down.


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      Another possibility, I had a body shop install a piece of 'trunk liner', a fibrous (felt looking thing) material, glued to the roof itself. It pretty well is unnoticeable.


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        Easy if you can sew or you know someone who can.

        Have a look at the one that fell down. Basically, there are white sleeves/tubes for the bows that are attached to the headliner. The sleeves are made from ~ 1 1/2 inch wide fabric and can be made from anything because they don't show. They are centred (on the headliner materal) and a few inches shorter than the bow. You just need to find headliner material that is wide enough, then make some joins to make it long enough. You then sew the sleeve on to the headliner at the desired spacing between the bows and voila! A headliner.

        A proper installation requires removal of the bows and side grippers at least, and the material was drawn tight lengthwise at the factory because it was installed when the windows were out. Its a little tougher when the windows are not out. Have a few short self-tapping screws because the side clips sometimes break.

        A tough part may be the removal/gluing back/painting?/whatever of the cardboard that they glued to the roof at the factory that falls down onto the top of the headliner.

        Its easier than you think. Time: 4 hours tops.

        Alternately, buy one from a vendor - I'm guessing they are under $200 even for a wagon.