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12v Parking/Turn Signal Bulbs for53-54 C/K

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  • 12v Parking/Turn Signal Bulbs for53-54 C/K

    While at the La Palma, CA meet I was dinged for having a front turn signal out. Investigation determined it was the bulb that was bad. In the socket I had 1158 bulbs, and try and find those in 12v or even 6v. The kid at Pep Boys just looked at me funny. As an interim fix we snagged an 1157 bulb. Only difference is the 1158 is a dual element with locking pins evenly spaced and the 1157 has them off set. So clipped off the upper peg and filed it smooth and it went in the socket and worked. So now I am back home and go looking for 12v 1158 bulbs. Good luck with that! Working with my local NAPA store, figured out that a 12v 1176 is a dual element with both locking pins near the end. Tried it and it fits perfect. Thought this might be useful info for other folks too. This may work for other years that have a similar bulb.

    Pat Dilling
    Olivehurst, CA
    Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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    I always find this site helpful. Takes a little research and cross-referencing, but all the info is there.
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      just FYI, I went through the exact same issue a couple years ago and made a handy chart with equivalents... it's on my web site somewhere...

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        Thanks Pat! I was going to change my sockets, but I hated to alter them. Now I don't have to.
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