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Firewall liners from Loga Enterprises

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  • Firewall liners from Loga Enterprises

    I need to get a new firewall liner for my 47 business coupe. One of the only suppliers for this year model that I've been able to locate is Loga. I'm wondering if anyone has bought one from them. Specifically, did it come with all the proper holes to match up to the firewall such as the climatizer pipes, etc. If your liner didn't have all the holes pre-made, what is the best way to make the holes without tearing up the new liner. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    I made the various size holes in door panels by mearly grinding a sharp edge on the threaded end of six inch galvanized pipe. A hammer and a block of wood finishes the job.


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      I bought one for my '49 truck from Loga. It came with all the holes in it.



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        Originally posted by Studeguru View Post
        I bought one for my '49 truck from Loga. It came with all the holes in it.
        Was yours made similar to the original....i.e. some kind of tar impregnated cardboard with jute stuck to the back? Mine was in such bad shape from a big rat on growth hormones that I couldn't salvage any of it.


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          I don't think Ernie uses jute; that's old technology but, the board itself is the correct material for the purpose.
          I used to get mine in bulk from Restoration Specialties in Windber, Pa and cut them myself.
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            While not original, these people offer a nice product. It is molded to shape. Their website is a little difficult to navigate.


            $167 for your firewall liner (if prices are current).
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              I used thier liners on my 47 Commander Coupe and my 56J. The holes lined up perfectly and the entire panel did not require trimming of any areas. Even came with the proper clips.


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                Is Ernie back in business yet? You may remember he had a major fire last year and said it would be a while...

                Do give him a try, his stuff is top-notch.