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Chris' other Eye Candy 6/2 Plant 8 parts truck.

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  • Chris' other Eye Candy 6/2 Plant 8 parts truck.

    All of the "Other Eye Candy" posts for at leist the next week will be photos I took from the Lane Automotive show in Watervilet Michigan last weekend. I will post all of the Studebakers that were there, here. All the ones I took that are brand Xs will be put in Stove Huggers.

    Tell us more about your truck Tom.
    Chris Dresbach

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    Looks burly.
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      It just looks good, between the tire/wheel combination and the stance, like Chris said, "Looks burly."
      Alex Nelsen, certified Studebaker nut.
      Driving a 1954 Champion Coupe powered by a Chrysler 383.
      Lizella, GA


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        Thanks Chris

        Frist trip out with new V8 this year. I built this tuck to go to Glendale but my work was so good, I can't this year. Hope to go to some Zone meets and some ATHS Shows.