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  • 51 Champion Turn Signals

    I have a 1951 Champion and I guess it sold without the turn signal option. There is just a stock cover plate over the opening on the column. Does anyone have a good picture of the stock assembly? I noticed that the dash has the arrows in it but it does not appear to be wired for signals. I would like to put signals on it and make it as close to stock as I can. I do have a few of the aftermarket bolt on lever kits but would like to find stock. Any advice?

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    I would try to find a stock turn signal kit if you want the least obtrusive install. My 52 did not come with turn signals and I found a stock kit. The kit includes everything you need to plug into the stock harness and even has the necessary bulbs. The steering shaft even has the cam to cancel the switch after a turn.
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      This from a '51 Commander w/automatic.

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        The only thing I remember about them is the cars had a piece of metal welded on the steering rod you can see under your cover plate that tripped the switch to cancel it. On my truck I have a spot on the steering wheel that touchs the switch to cancel so their a little different. It would be best to find an original switch if you can it would work so much better.