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1957 Golden Hawk Collection

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  • 1957 Golden Hawk Collection

    I just came into possession of four new, still in original box, 1:18 metal die-cast Anson Collection 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawks. The colors are as follows: Silver with Black insert on fin, Burgundy with Black insert on fin, Gold with White insert on fin and Black with chrome insert on fin. The boxes are in great condition. Any idea what these models are worth??

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    Hi, Check E-bay as they are listed regularly. Usually sell for $20-25 each. Unless you are trying to sell them, then they arent worth listing fees, just send them to me and I will will add them to my collection instead of you having the heaadache of listing them. . Ill even pay postage Good Luck, Steve
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      I have an Anson Golden Hawk in white-on-white. I found it at Toys R' Us maybe 6-7 years ago.
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        The silver one has white interior, burgundy one has black interior (my favorite), gold one has white interior and the black one has silver interior. All cars still have the plastic strap over the hoods and through the doors. Three boxes have never been opened. Overall, very pristine condition.


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          If you get a chance check out the "road signature" version of these cars. They have actual working windows and I am told antennas. I dont have an opened one so I havent checked yet. Steve


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            I purchased this in 2006 at Toys R Us and then removed everything and repainted it in the color scheme of my very first car. While not really a Silver Hawk it is close enough for me. Someday I hope to build a real one.

            The second picture was taken in 1968 when I first got the Hawk running. We had a street in the San Fernando Valley where we street raced. Dead end, real wide and no cross streets. Man those were the days. You can't go back but you can still live the dream.


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              Wouldn't it be nice to go back to those days for just one more Summer. Got my Drivers licence in May of 68. Had my first car which was a 59 VW. But, by the end of the Summer I had sold it and bought my 37 Desoto Coupe. Couldn't wait to drive into the parking lot on my first day back to school that Fall.
              Life was just so much simpler in those days.
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