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Ugh. Need to tackle the power steering system, again

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  • Ugh. Need to tackle the power steering system, again

    While working on the 64 HT last year, I installed an NOS power steering cylinder and put new seals in the control valve while it was still mounted in the car. Over the last year while the car was getting painted, fluid has leaked significantly from both locations.

    I can remove the cylinder easily enough and rebuild that part.

    The control valve is leaking from around the ball stub point where the pitman arm attaches to the valve at the swivel point. This time, should I remove the valve assembly from the car to rebuild it again? I looked at the repair manual and you need a special tool (J-5664) to pull the pitman arm off the splined steering box shaft. The book also says to remove the starter so the tool fits. The book also recommends removing the reach rod with the valve assembly. Looks to be a big job for me. Any tips on how I should tackle this?

    Thanks, Jeff