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  • Body to frame swap

    Can anyone tell me if a 1953 K body can be put on a 1960 C frame. Will it fit ?

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    I would prefer a more knowledgeable member answer this, but i'll give it a shot.
    For clarification 53 k body, as in 53 hardtop, NOT a sedan. 120 inch wheelbase. That frame is basically the same through all the HAWK series, including the 62 Gt Hawk and later? I'm puttin a 62 frame under a 53. Had to remove 2 body mounts and move 2 others. Piece of cake.
    BTW, in 62 the frames went from 13 gauge to 11 gauge. Very popular to swap in the later heavier frame. Many good posts here about frame swaps, try the search function.


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      The rear spring mounts will be different, so you will have to either transfer them over from the '53 frame or use the '60 springs, in addition to changing the body mounts. Also, the '60 frame will not have the support for the driveshaft center bearing, so that will need to be transferred as well.

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        Thanks for the replies. This body would be going on a 1960 frame with a custom made front clip using C-4 Corvette front suspension. I just bought this body yesterday. I had the opportunity to visit the property of a life long Studebaker collector.
        I saw three 50's era finned hawks, at least six 53-54 coupes in various stages of repair, good hoods, doors grill surrounds,
        light bars, engines, differentials. It was actually mind boggling. I bought the 53 that was stored inside. It is a complete car,
        minus headlight trim rings, upper air deflector, hood latch.