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    I know this has been discussed many times but I have decided to bite the bullet and spend $300.00 plus for sill plates for my 56 2 dr wagon. I know no one repo's these but there is some discussion I can buy repop seadan ones and cut them. Can someone confirm the SI number. Ther are two they show.303584-5 (I think these are it) or 292128-9. Also maybe I can save someone else some money. I currently have sill plates on the wagon from a 58-62 two door. I spent $65.00 on them. Figured I beat the game.(SURE) Here is the problem. Every time I wash my car the carpet get wet on both sides right below the hidges. I went on a hard hunt to find where the winsheild was leaking. Bottom line is it is not the winsheild. It is the water coming from the inside of the doors that is draining onto the sills from the factory door drains. The original sill had a ridge that stopped this from happening and deverted the water out, the ones currently en the car is flat. So don't waste your money on saving money, you will have wet carpet. Also has anyone actually use these for a wagon. My last concern is the org. had a curve to them in the front and I am a little concerned these do not. Looking for some comfort before I spend the money. Thanks
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    I took one of my sill plates to a HVAC shop, had them fabricated in galvanized steel. They came back perfect, except for the Studebaker logo and 'dots'. Cost me $70 for four of them, for my '55 LC. This won't work if they are curved, but mine aren't.

    That ridge, also seals the interior of the car against the bottom of the door panel, keeps out cold air, etc.
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