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1945 Studebaker - Public Auction - June 5

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  • 1945 Studebaker - Public Auction - June 5

    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    This 1945 Studebaker 1 1/2 truck will sale at public auction in Joes, CO on June 5, 2010 to the highest bidder.

    For more pictures and information click here.

    Jake Michal
    Michal Auction Service

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    Wow, Thats a good looking truck. Being as its a 1945 can anyone tell from the pics if it has the swing out windshields? Doesnt really matter to me as I cant play right now but others here may want to know (and I am curious) . Steve


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      If you go to the ' here' portion, you can see several more photos, including a few inside views. Those look like fold out windows to me!


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        Yep, it's a C9 cab and has the swing out windshield. Cool truck.


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          Nice clean looking truck


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            The US6 MIlitary truck built to Government specifications required the swing out windshield necessating relocating the wipers to the top of the windshield. This 1945 was built using the US6 cab. Neat with all painted trim.


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              That is a really nice truck and a new owner will be proud of it. If closer I might conside it.
              sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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                Friends; The M15 advertised in an auction in CO appears to be a true 1945 model. I maintain the STUDEBAKER C9 TRUCK REGISTER for all 1945 production M15s. The Register presently includes 21 known trucks not counting this on in CO.

                By late 1944, the domestic demand for new commercial vehicles was becoming desperate. It appeared to the national planners that WWII could be won by late 1945. Uncle Sam, in his wisdom, permitted most truck companies to build small allocations of trucks for domestic sale by late 1944. The Studebaker Corp. was permitted to built only 4000
                M15 units and all are considered 1945 models. The M15 was a one ton rated truck, not a 1 1/2 model. Studebaker used its military cab (designated C9 to distinquish it from the pre-war C2 domestic cab) to expedite production. The C9 cab had several distinquishing features- a movable windshield with overhead wiper motors and blades, a metal glovebox, metal interior door facings rather than cardboard and all were painted as 'blackout' models.

                The 1945 M15s were built in two distinct configurations. The M15-20 model was a 1 ton pickup on a 120 inch wheelbase with single rear wheels. The M15-20 made up approximately 15% of 1945 production. The M15-28 was equipped with dual rear wheels and could be ordered as a chassis/cab, chassis/cowl, platform or stake bodied units from the factory. Most were stake bodied trucks and the M15-28 made up approximately 85% of 1945 C9 production. The CO truck for sale is one of the stake-bodied models.

                The only other restored M15-28 stake truck I know about belongs to Stan Grube in PA. His truck is absolutely authenic in every way. A beautiful restoration!! I will attempt to post photos with this message. If they do not appear, I failed again.

                If someone could find out the serial number and engine number, I would be glad to add it to the Register. If anyone would like a Register, please send me your e-mail address and I will forward a copy. My e-mail address is

                Frank Drumheller
                Locust Grove, VA
                1948 M16-52 Boyer-bodied fire truck
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                  Thanks for the detailed information!! I will try to obtain numbers from this vehicle the next opportunity I have at the sale site.

                  Thanks again!