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R Series pickup frame dimensions

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  • R Series pickup frame dimensions

    I may have an opportunity to get a 1949 Stude pickup cab in a trade and am wondering if anyone happens to have a frame diagram with the dimensions to do a frame swap. I've got a complete chassis in mind that I already own and am wondering just how wide the Stude truck frame is and if this will be as easy as I hope it will be. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    RE: Frame Info

    You need to get a hold of Ted Jensen (NY) over on the Truck Talk Forum. (Just page him there with a post)

    He was selling CD a while back that had the complete specs for various series of Stude Trucks - would be exactly what you are looking for.
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      Thanks for the link! A little searching gave me everything I needed!


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        R-series frame width

        Hi, Eric,

        The R-series frame is 28" wide at the front, tapering out to 40" at the center crossmember, where the rear cab mounts. You'll want to get the front outriggers which bolt onto the frame and are the front corner mounts for the cab.

        thnx, jack vines


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          Might be impossible to do, no frame. But I'm not above modifying what's on the frame I have to make it work, been there, done that.