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Stude Truck Farmers - Newly Revised - 9/4/06

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  • Stude Truck Farmers - Newly Revised - 9/4/06

    I still don't have email addresses for everyone!
    Some new additions have been made and others corrected. Please verify the correctness of your listing. If you wanted to be included and I missed it, Please respond here or Email me with changes.
    The list will then be closed until after Omaha. I'll post another opportunity to get on the list after the International. I want to thank all that have responded so positively.

    Pretty impressive turnout of new people to restart the Studebaker Truck Farmers group, and it'll be interesting to see how many old and new members make Omaha. Art Unger, publisher of Turning Wheels said he will be in Omaha with his camera, and will take pictures of Studebaker Truck Farmers for a future issue. If you are in Omaha for the International, we will congegrate at the tables in front of registration on Thursday morning at 10 am to get organized for the group picture. Since the theme of the meet is "Trucking To Omaha", I'm sure there will be some there who don't look in on this Forum that will want to join in as well.

    If I misspelled your name, let me know at Okay?

    63 New Names
    Diesel Jim Maxey
    James Maxey III
    StudeBob Kabchef
    Gord Richmond
    Gary Hearn
    Greg Hellmuth
    Dennis Lynde
    George Paniflow
    Lester O Reagan
    Fred Cook
    Craig Parslow
    Tom Allen
    Jerry Kaiser
    Skip Lackie
    Jeff(Deep-N-Hock Acres)Rice
    Ross Rither
    Glenn Martin
    Mark Carson(007)
    Tom Molnar
    Jay Derbidge
    Dale Derbidge
    Linda Derbidge
    Jay Martin
    Scott Grainger
    Randy Cavoli
    Gary Lindstrom
    Danny McGowan Blenheim
    Lester ORegan Nelson
    Kris Johnson
    Ed Eshleman
    Frank Drumheller
    Dick Steinkamp
    Peter Sauer
    Bob Barrick
    John Stine
    Gary Ash
    John Kruse
    James Ferris
    Mark Thompson
    Charlie Veit
    David Orth
    Frankie Colangelo
    Ted Jensen
    Henry Votel
    Dan Fraser
    Matthew Burnette
    Dick Eichof
    Mike Bartholet
    Ebon Jones
    Jan Kus
    John Wilson
    Rob Young
    Alan Emory
    Ted Jensen
    Vern Ediger
    Steve Blake
    Ron Erickson
    Joe Roberts
    David R. Branchick
    John Stine
    Dwain Grindinger
    Bob Feaganes

    28 of Original Group (from the photograph)
    #2 - Bob Kabchef (Studebob)
    #3 - Chuck Naugle
    #3a - Sabrina Welch
    #7 - Carl Chadwick
    #9 - Asa Hall
    #10 - Bob Yale
    #11 - Jim Name
    #12 - John Ernst
    #13 - Ed Davies
    #14 - Mike Lenyo
    #15 - Diesel Jim Maxey
    #16 - Phil Brown
    #17 - Walley Naugle
    #18 - Ed Coffin
    #18a - Jim Dowdy (between 18/19)
    #22 - George DeBono
    #22a - Rex Miltenberger (between #22 and crome stack)
    #24 - Jerry Hawk -- Blairsville, PA
    #26 - Charlotte Piper
    #27 - Craig Piper
    #27a - Garvin Piper
    #27b - Aaron Welch
    #28 - Lloyd Moore
    #28 - Dan Bean
    #31 - Ellen Bealles -- Clinton, PA
    #32 - Ford Stoecher
    #33 - Chester Bealles
    #34 - Dean Olson