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  • Reproduction Rubber

    I sure feel sorry the guys that put the Studebakers together if they had to use repo rubber. My back glass rubber on the business coupe one side fit good the other side was small it won't come together in the middle good enough to put the trim piece on right. And the wing glass rubbers. I don't think they fit anything. Had to spend an hour deburring them. The part that's supose to fit over the flange on the door above the wing glass is to thick when you get it pulled up inside it stands straight out. Somebody and the 48 hates me. Well I fell better now. My rant is over

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    I think repo rubber parts are just a PITA all the way round. When doing my 67 LeMans, I went through vent window seals from 4 different suppliers until I found a set that didn't whistle at speed from the gaps at the upper corner [xx(]


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      Makes you wish somebody could have had the forsight to save the original tooling, doesn't it? Lot's of repro bits have less than perfect finish / size as they are often made from a sample piece of unknown quality.
      But, even a poor finish is better than nothing. I ended up paying for new tooling to get a windscreen for a brand "X" car. It cost me an arm and a leg, but at least I now have a laminated screen which fits AND I can see through it even when the sun shines.