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Bad Studebaker Day

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  • Bad Studebaker Day

    As you may recall I spent the last few weeks detailing and installing N8's old 289 in a 51. I got it looking real pretty, even converted to dual exhaust. Got it started this A.M.,checked the oil pressure (50 PSI) and was doing some carb adjustments when a loud knock developed and the engine locked up before I could get to the key. All I can figure is maybe N8 did not tighten one of the bearings after he checked there condition. I'm going to shove the car to the corner of the driveway and do something else while I ponder my options. (Always wanted a Caddy powered Studebaker)

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    quoteAlways wanted a Caddy powered Studebaker)
    Hah, keep it Stude. Maybe a R series engine. Man, talk about a sleeper! If my dad suddenly wins the lottery, (and you intall a R2) I'd jump on it!

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      Aw, that's right, Matt, I forgot. You can own the bar, but you can't drink, vote or play the lottery for another couple of years. Oh but the wisdom two years can bring. Hang in there!

      Take a breath, step back, drink a beer, eat a 'mato sandwich. Drink another beer and, when ya have a mind to, drop the pan, analyze and proceed. Hang in there.

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        I know your pain brother...[:I][V]

        Lotsa Larks!
        K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
        Ron Smith
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        K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
        Ron Smith
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          You, personally, are going to have to pull this engine, disassemble it, and find out exactly what went wrong. Then, you and N8t must have the crank, block etc., remachined to accept ALL new parts. There are no shortcuts or quick-buck secrets allowed here--i.e., an old buddy letting you have a turnkey R2 crate motor for cheap, or anything like that. Good Luck.


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            I would guess Nate would never leave a rod bolt loose so I bet you will find something just let go. If your Irish it would explain it. ( Irish luck is NOT good luck, just that your bad luck happens in a good way) Trouble in the driveway is really good fortune!

            1961 Lark