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Another new Stude owner

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  • Another new Stude owner

    This afternoon the door bell rang and Mabel brought another Stude owner to my door. His name is John I told him about this forum. He bought a 1951 Starlight coupe off of craigslist in Tulare. He paid 950.00 for it. No engine all glass there ,rusted trunk lid ,springs for seats. He wanted to know which models that the trunk lid is interchangable with. In the early 90's he was friends with another Stude person. Bill Slusser in Fresno. He is really excited about his purchase it will be another daily driver. I told him About all of the fun and neat people he would meet. Anyhow just thought I'd share.

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    Hi Anne! Geez, bought in Tulare - right from under my nose! Well, for your new friend's information, only the Starlight Coupe and the 3-passenger(how am I doin' Gary?) (also known as the Business Coupe) trunk lids interchange. All other models of that vintage (including convertibles) use a different lid.

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      How about the rest of the hardware? I have a '52 that's just begging for a home...

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      K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
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