The Studebaker Truck Farmers will ride again!

I need email contact information for everyone who has not already emailed me at... ... so I can send update info to only those who wish to be a member of the group. In the email let me know how you want to be named for the group photo if you will be in Omaha.

I have contacted the SDC Omaha Meet Chairman that we want a picture taken at the meet of all Studebaker Truck Farmers for the Turning Wheels Magazine. I will let all know when and where we will congregate for the picture.

Since the theme of the meet is "Trucking To Omaha", I'm sure there will be some there who don't look in on this Forum that will want to join in as well.

Enthusiasm and interest is running high on getting this group going again. The purpose would be to have STF participation in local, regional, and international meets, and to extend the legacy of our wonderful Studebaker Trucks. Let's git 'er done!

I've compiled a list and am adding to it those that would like to be recognised as Studebaker Truck Farmers.

Respond here to be included in the Forum update list if you are not already there. And Don't forget to send me your email contact info

No truck needed, just a love for them (although I personally am now looking at trucks based on the interest generated in me by the Truck Talk Forum), just a pair of farmer style overalls if you have them and a cool straw hat.

I'm looking into having bandannas, hatbands AND/OR sew-on badges done for us in Hee Haw type logo (Liberty Jeans has discontinued the Hee Haw pattern overalls).

On the list so far are:

Original Group (from the photograph)
#2 - Bob Kabchef (Studebob)
#3 - Chuck Naugle
#3a - Sabrina Welch
#7 - Carl Chadwick
#9 - Asa Hall
#10 - Bob Yale
#11 - Jim Name
#12 - John Ernst
#13 - Ed Davies
#14 - Mike Lenyo
#15 - Diesel Jim Maxey
#16 - Phil Brown
#17 -Walley Naugle
#18a - Jim Dowdy (between 18/19)
#22 - George DeBono
#22a - Rex Miltenberger (between #22 and crome stack)
#24 - Jerry Hawk -- Blairsville, PA
#26 - Charlotte Piper
#27 - Craig Piper
#27a - Garvin Piper
#27b - Aaron Welch
#28 - Lloyd Moore
#28 - Dan Bean
#31 - Ellen Bealles -- Clinton, PA
#32 - Ford Stoecher
#33 - Chester Bealles
#34 - Dean Olson

New names (so far)
Diesel Jim Maxey
StudeBob Kabchef
Gord Richmond
Gary Hearn
Greg H (Pa.)
Danny Lynley
Bob Barrick
Fred Cook
Craig Parslow
Tom Allen
Jerry Kaiser
Skip Lackie
Jeff(Deep-N-Hock Acres)Rice
Ross Rither
Glenn Martin
Frank Drumheller
Mark Carson
Tom Molnar
Jay Derbidge
Dale Derbidge
Linda Derbidge

[img=left][/img=left]Bob Feaganes (stude53)
53 Starliner Hardtop
Newton Grove, NC