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I Need a Part for the Black Hawk

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  • I Need a Part for the Black Hawk

    I need the right front wheel opening stainless and the Chrome peice that goes around the wiper on the right side, not looking for perfect show stuff just stuff to fill the holes, for a 60 hawk. If anyone can help that would be great or point me in a good direction. The Hawk is getting Paint this weekend and I started looking for all the parts Needless to say I am missing quite a few things from the 25 years ago when it was taken apart.

    60 Black Hawk
    "sometimes down"

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    I'd bet that Chuck Collins <> would have that wheel well trim. If not him, then SI.
    Is that wiper piece made of pot metal or stainless? The piece that runs from the wiper post to the door jamb? Pt# 304077?

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      I lost my stainless pieces when my dad sold the house in California,
      (might be up in the attic?) but I have the wiper trim stuff, all the
      pieces that wrap around the beltline. I also have a lot of other
      parts for a 60 Hawk. Send me a wish list.

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        Hey Rodney, I have been trying to contact you through e-mail to no avail. I live close to you and we can share mechical skills write to me. Tom


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          Thanks for the part numbers Mr. Biggs. This site has been a great source of knowledge for me And I look forward to reading it at least 6 times a day.[:I]

          60 Black Hawk
          "sometimes down"