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37' coupe express parts value?

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  • 37' coupe express parts value?

    Hi, I am building a 37' CE classic rod, and have some original "extra parts" I won't be using. There's an e-mail buddy of mine who also owns a 37' CE. He's asked about my original front end, white wall tires/rims (4), and original seat with mounting brackets. The problem is I have no idea of the current market value of these items (if there is such a thing). I'm not really too anxious about parting with the seat, but would consider it, depending on it's value. Any guidence would be appreciated.
    I work on my truck EVERY day after work, and all day on weekends, and can now appreciate the counter intuitive concept that Jeff Rice refers to as "the one foot rule". I decided when I first got the truck to concentrate on the bottom of the cab, and I'll have all the metal work done this week sometime (approx 100 man hours). If I had it to do all over, I'd use 16 gauge on both sides, instead of 22. It's a lot eaiser to weld and avoid burn-through. After a couple coats of POR-15, it's on to the IFS, and rear upgrade...before searching for a used LT or LS-1. Thanks, Jimmy

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    Hey Jim!

    I am in need of a seat for a '39 CE. Let me know what you want for your seat. I'm thinking that a 37 seat may work in mine.

    Mike H


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      Hi Jim! I did not see a response. If your interested in selling the seat "for the good of a 39 CE restoration please let me know.
      Mike Heitkamp 636-230-5973 (work #).


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        First, I need to find out the "ballpark" value of the seat. Secondly, I would only sell it, if the first person I talked to first, didn't want it. I gave him my word, concerning first shot at any extra parts. I'll keep your number. My e-mail address is Thanks , Jimmy