I noticed the Commander AT would not kick down into passing gear and was ready to adjust the throttle linkage to the transmission only to find it had none ! It seems the shop that converted the car to a automatic left that out. I need ALL of the throttle linkage for a 64 six cylinder automatic, from carb to transmission including all the firewall stuff. SASCO has it all NOS but aren't shipping parts next week.
I also need the entire emergency brake assembly and a speedometer cable. Anyone have a parts car ?

64 Commander 2 dr.
64 GT Hawk R2 clone
64 Daytona HT
63 R2 4 speed GT Hawk
63 Avanti R1
63 Daytona convert
63 Lark 2 door
63 Lark 2 door #2
62 Lark 2 door
60 Lark HT
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59 3E truck
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