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Great Race Pit Stop Wichita KS 6/30/06

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  • Great Race Pit Stop Wichita KS 6/30/06

    Last weekend, on June 30th, the "Great Race 2006" came through Wichita Kansas. I took some
    pictures and have posted the link to them. This is about the #12
    1955 Speedster driven by Ann Reichmann and navigated by Uli Kammholz.

    All I can say is WOW. It was quite a event, they had closed Douglas street
    in downtown Wichita in front of Century II building. The race had a
    inflatable finish line for each leg. Also on hand were singers, The National
    Guard color guard. Sponser trucks like Coker tire and Hemming motor news. As
    well as national tv coverage.
    We where also part of the local car show the were parked on the sidestreet
    of Century II.

    I also did a short interview with Ann Reichmann, driver of the 55 Studebaker
    President. As printed in our news letter.

    Malcom Gillette: What was your favorite pit stop so far?
    Ann Reichmann: It was the little town we were just in, Fredonia. The whole
    town treated us just like we were family.
    Malcom Gillette: What was your worst problem so far?
    Ann Reichmann: We broke our key off in our locking gas cap, but there was a
    little sticking out so we could still get the gas cap off. And we found they
    still had new ones at the parts stores. Also we broke a power steering belt.
    Also the car has no AC, and all we have are the fresh air vents on the fenders. When it gets really
    hot they just pick up the hot air coming off the asphalt.
    Malcom Gillette: Any stories behind this car?
    Ann Reichmann: This is my first Studebaker,I love the way this car drives,
    not like modern cars. This car you have to plan when you are going to stop
    and think when you are driving it. I really enjoy driving this car, I plan
    to make it my daily driver when I get back to Oregon State.
    Here is a link to thier blog webpage on thier progress.

    Well, this is my first posting with this format, I hope everything comes out alright. BTW heres a pic of my wifes Hawk in the Wichita
    Thanks Malcom

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    Thanks for the report, Malcom. Wish I could do such an adventure. Too many ties to home to get away.

    I envy the gal with the 55 and I love her moxie!

    Miscreant at large.

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      Any one want to try the next Great Race? I'm open for information, etc; my 1955 President would be a candidate to drive.


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        Hey Curt!, It sounds like alot of fun, but isn't the entry fee pretty exspensive? OkieBob


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          I do not know about the entry fee. Perhaps someone could pass that information on. How was the Forth in your part of the country?


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            Entry Fee for Great Race varies -- minimum is $ 5000 for a private team according to information published in the GR Program which I bought at the overnight stop in Washington, PA.
            COSTS: " The Great Race can cost less than $ 10,000 for each driver/navigator team and two-person support crew, not including the entry fee. Entry fees start at $ 5000 for a private team, up to
            $ 10,000 for corporate participation...."