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1957 Silver Hawk

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  • 1957 Silver Hawk

    Hey is this for real??? they say there is a "buy it now"
    button but it is missing.....and no reserve.


    Glen Brose
    53 Champion 2 dr Sedan

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    Not a real good job on the ad either. In the description up top it indicates it is both a 6 cylinder as well as a 4 cylinder 2.0L diesel. In any event, the OHV motor in the car is not original to it.

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      WHOA! That car could pass as my grandad's 57 Hawk's twin. his is a little shinier though. Except for the interior. And his has a 289, OD tranny, and a 3:31 TT rear. Note: this car has a rare and somewhat valuable 56 Hawk steering wheel. The original wheel is rather common and easy to find. Also, it's missing the "STUDEBAKER" emblem for the pass. side fender.
      Hey JDP, do you have one of those Power Seller signs? <g>

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