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Young people and Studebakers

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  • Young people and Studebakers

    Rain completely washed out the car show this weekend,but the Hawk was the prom car for my nephew and his GF on one of the nice days last weekend. Bradon spent hours cleaning,waxing,and polishing the Hawk,so I even let him drive it.

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    Gee, it's nice to see young people with a Studebaker for a change.
    " the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups" - Nietzsche.


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      Yea,and they said it was the "coolest" car thier by far.
      I was just a little leary of turning the kid loose with my baby,but after the job he did on it I thought he deserved it. Hes only had his drivers license a month,but like most country boys hes been driving ATV's,cars,motorcycles,and even the big highway tractor his Dad(my brother) drives,since he could see over the dash. I think its neat when kids their age think a Studebaker is just down right "cool",makes me think our Studes will be well taken car of long after our generations gone.