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    Heads up, Chuck Lampman's new Studebaker book is now on E-bay. Check it out. The title is "Some Thoughts On Restoring A Studebaker [or an Avanti].

    Darryl C. Lewallen

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    I was going to undertake writing a how-to book regarding rebuilding Studebaker engines. It was going to be a straight-forward approach to building a (for the most part) stock Studebaker engine WITH a wrap-up outlining some options for more power on advice of Mr. Harbit and the like. Maybe someday - but Lampman's writings are as good as any I've seen as regards rebuilding Stude engines. I suggest it heartily to those considering building their own Stude engine. Even if you've BUILT engines in the past, this book can lend some nuggets of insight that are worth it's cost.

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      Link to ebay or just call Charles at 770-926-7142 to order book.
      22.50 + 4.00 shipping
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        I just bought a copy of this, per your recommendation Mr Biggs. Am in the process of rebuilding the Packebakers' 289(to +.080), and though I've worked on the brand "C" Mckinnon engines, will be interested in stuff pertaining to the Stude V-8. I see that they have some procedures of their own, such as on the con rods and setting the crank end play, dialing in the bellhousing, and building an engine that won't leak oil(much)and so forth.


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          The first 25 sold out yesterday, so I put some more on eBay- they're
          under a new number- it's 320001184468.
          There is a description with chapter titles at,
          though the ordering instructions there don't yet incoude a PayPal

          I'm going to be out of the country doing some work for a non-profit I'm
          associated with during the period 8 - 20 July, and will ship any orders
          where payment comes in before taboput the 7th- after that there will be
          a shipping delay...

          Many thanks- Chuck


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            Got my copy in the mail yesterday and started reading it 2day. Its already giving me some ideas with my restoration. Thanks for the quick delivery.


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              Have any of you guys ever heard of Studebaker Owners Parts Coop, Inc.
              P.O. Box 9307, Daytona Beach, Fl. 32020
              They put out a pretty good tech. manual called Studebaker Engine Tips in 1981. I would take a look at it before you spend a lot of time riting anything. It's vary detailed.
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