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trying to put picture of 55 PU up

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  • trying to put picture of 55 PU up

    Here goes

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    Got some work ahead of you eh?


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      So whats the story behind it--NEW FIND?



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        It is better than it looks. the only dent is in the hood. and there is very little real rust. It sat in a brir patch for years, and I drove by it every day. I know the guy who had it; a mormen with more kids than brains. he wanted three thousand for it. then one day he waved me down and said three hundred. the city told him he had to get rid of it. go figure! his kids were barefoot but he kept a 300 doller pile of junk for years. Now that I kind of know how to put a picture on I will show the rest of it including the toilet in the bed. It came with it. The kids liked to break glass so there is no glass left. Then two days later a guy with a 49. long bed called and asked if I wanted to trade for a Mopar P.U. bed for the 49. the bed was free so I figure I got the 49 and the 55 for $300. there is a Ford 390 thunderbird in the 55 nothing in the 49. But the 49 has the door glass. I will sell the 49 after taking off the parts I need.