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Studebaker fountain in SB

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  • Studebaker fountain in SB

    Back in 1906, J. M. Studebaker built a rather large fountain in Howard Park in South Bend. I was born and raised in SB, and lived there for 25 years, I don't remember ever seeing it. Does anyone know if the fountain still exists? How about what happened to it? If it is gone, my guess is that it went with the old cannons to the scrap drive in WWII. Any history on it would be appreciated.

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    I don't see it in this picture, but perhaps an inquiry to the parks department at South Bend could answer your question....
    Hope the info helps....
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      Don't know about the South Bend fountain,but when you mentioned cannons it reminded me of a story a tour guide/horse drawen wagon operator told us this weekend in Lunenburg (Nova Scotia). The streets of the old town are very narrow,as they were put in long before cars were dreamed of. Theres one house on the corner that was continuesly getting hit by wagons when the drivers cut to sharp. After awhile this house owner got really pissed, went out and bought himself a big old iron cannon, buried it,wheels,carrage and all,with just about four feet of the barrel sticking up out of the ground at the corner of his house, where it still is today. No one ever hit his house again (G)