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1918 stude rear fenders for my modle T trailer

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  • 1918 stude rear fenders for my modle T trailer

    I just came from a swap meet looking for some old fenders that would kinda fit on my modle T ford PU bed trailer and I came across a pair of rear fenders for $30.00 that have 18 stude written on them. No dents lots of rust and a rip on each one, but vewry serviceable. Be fore I cut them up and slap them on i thought I might check and see if any one is Dieing for a pair. Whin I figure out how to put a picture on this thing I will do it. Thands 2 mules.

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    If needed, you can email me the pics and I can post them...

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      quote:Originally posted by 2mules

      Whin I figure out how to put a picture on this thing I will do it. Thands 2 mules.
      1. The photo you wish to include in a post must be on a web page already, not on your own computer's hard drive. Most of the forum members use one of the many free online photo album sites out there, including:

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        thanks for the Information. I think my wife will have to figure it out. I go to sleep when I get to the second sentence of the information. I was born in the wrong time. I live for horses mules and old cars. Ho by the way the writing painted on the finders is 15 not 18. 1915???.