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1935 Studebaker President

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  • 1935 Studebaker President

    Just purchased a restoration project, 1935 Studebaker President near Olympia WA. Any information on obtaining an owners manual for this model would be appreciated. Any other information you are willing to share would be an added bonus.

    Car is in original condition, very little rust, runs, just needs general restoration. Any ideas on reason for key hole on radio?
    Thanks for any info.

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    Welcome, Paul.
    I don't know much about the earlier models but someone here will. It's not a chat room so you may have to be patient until the right person reads your inquiry.
    You may get a quicker response if you contact Richard Quinn . He's the editor of the Antique Studebaker Review.

    I would also suggest you join the Antique Studebaker Club . The Studebaker Drivers Club encompasses everything Studebaker but the ASC restricts itself to prewar models and may be a better resource for your immediate needs.
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      Try Walter Miller, Syracuse, NY for owner's manual, shop manual, sales literature, etc. for your car.

      Assuming that you joined SDC, from this web site, you can use your free ad to ask for what you want.

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