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Made it to my first cruise-in!

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  • Made it to my first cruise-in!

    There's a monthly cruise-in not far from my house. My goal was to make it there yesterday... and with advice and help from you guys... I did.

    Scared me to death too. That's the furthest I've driven her since getting her last September!

    Between re-wiring, seatbelts, etc. I've been working like a mad man to get Stella back together. Don't get me wrong, I showed up without the back seat in, no door panels, and my rusty, old bumpers, but she WAS there. And I got a good number of folks to come up and either look at her or ask me questions. Funny thing is I stayed right by her side all night to make sure she wasn't going to roll back into the fully restored, museum quality non-Stude behind her![:0] I think she was the only Studebaker there.

    And I still need to find a good tune-up guy because she wanted to hiss and die when accelerating from a stop sign or red light.

    Anyway, just thought I'd update you guys. I may not be working at the world's fastest pace, but I AM proud of what I've done and where she is. Thanks.

    1951 Commander Starlight Coupe (aka "Stella")

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    Heh, I used to call my 54 Commander Coupe Stella, I can't remember why,I guess she just looked like a Stella,whatever to F#$k that means.
    Congrats on your cruise in,keep tinkering with your Stella,and she will eventually inspire you to travel furthur away from home,to go where no Stella has ever gone before.


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      One of these days you're gonna knuckle under and send me that damned carb so I can make it right.[}]

      That said, congratulations on your perseverance and your accomplishment so far, Eric. We's proud of ya!

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        I knew a guy that had a 55 Prez. State sedan named Ms. Estella. Close enough.

        Matthew Burnette, the 16 year old Stude nut.
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          With a little more work, she will be "Stellar"!


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            Does sound like you need a carb rebuild. Accelerator pump has probably dried up to nuthin'.
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              Sounds like your efforts are starting to pay off, congrats on getting Stella rolling in traffic

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              Studebaker Fever
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                Thanks everyone. Stella's got a long way to go, but she's at least headed in the right direction![8D]

                1951 Commander Starlight Coupe (aka "Stella")