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Pictures of jims 53

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  • Pictures of jims 53

    Took these pictures this morning, I hope they show up.

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    SWEEEET! That's how I hope to look someday


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      Jim, that's gorgeous. Mine (awaiting my attentions) is a C3 trim level car also. I like less brightwork on this model.[]

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        Mr. Biggs
        Thank you,It drives as nice as it looks...Even the clock works.


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          Nice!! I have allways thought these cars look beter in black.


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            Now thats elagance beautiful car Jim.


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              Beautiful car and great pictures. Thanks for posting them, Jim. I love the red wheels with that black car [].

              Dick Steinkamp
              Bellingham, WA


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                Very clean car. Nice pictures.

                Please edit your post though, and hit the enter key after your first
                line of text, right now your first picture is on the same line as the
                text and its forcing it over to the right. Its not a big deal, but
                it means having to scroll back and forth to see them.


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                  Congradulations on owning one of the most beautiful cars ever produced by the hands of mankind. And when their painted black,well....(G)


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                    All I can say is WOW!

                    Orlando FLA
                    Orlando FLA


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                      Nice car indeed. Hey s1b, have you been to a Stude show in FL or GA lately? Maybe we've met.

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                        Really nice '53. I notice that it is a late '53. How late in the run is it?

                        Gary L.
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                        Gary L.
                        Wappinger, NY

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                          So beautiful it takes your breath away...particularly in black.

                          --1963 Cruiser


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                            Undeniably gorgeous but, unlike Bob, I like the extra window trim. I think it accentuates the lines rather than exagerating them. I would not opt for visor, skirts or continental kit and I think, while the extra hood ornament suited the 55's, it was not a pleasing option on an otherwise flawless design in 53. It's damned hard to nitpick on anything this nice. Owners of SOB's can only dream of arguing about what color They like their caviar.[^]
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                              Ah,I just "borrowed" your car,for my new desk-top(G)