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Doomed Larks

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  • Doomed Larks

    Our chapter (High Plains SDC)presidaent called me about flock of Larks headed for the crusher if they are not off a nonmember's property by June 16, by order of the sheriff. Tommy was headed out of town and asked if I would put the word out on them:
    They are located in Lubbock, TX; the owner's name and number is Robert Perkins,806-863-3893. They have been sitting on blocks for a long time, headliners drooping, petrified tires, etc. Tommy thought that a 63 Cruiser was restorable, but the rest were probably parts cars: a 60 2dr SW,61 4 dr SW, 62 4dr SW, and 3 4dr sedans. He wants $500 for the lot of 6.
    I hope that someone nearby can save this flock. I don't have the wherewith to store them, nor the stamina to part them out.,806-383-5022


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    As many others have lumented before, most of these flocks are west of the Mississippi. If these were in Alabama, Georgia or Florida, I'd probably adopt another. Especially that '60 2-dr wagon...

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      I wouldn't mind picking up the 60SW . I see this type of situation all too often. What I think happens is that the owner of these flocks , or other potential collector cars , over value them for sale or parting out.

      The sad part of this situation is that the cars are too far gone at some point. And nobody gains anything.

      Crushing up a Studebaker ? There outta be a law .


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        I got 24 acres here in Ms.I would be glad to store them if they werent so far away.


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          My scout in Lubbock, Dennis, went out today and called me the following report:
          "They are not worth hauling off if they were free. Only one had a windshield, and it was bad;several 6's that had 8's, but no other conversion was made;hardly anything worth removing."
          Sorry, gang, but we've been down this road many times, right.



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            Hey Gib,
            Do you know if the Cal Farley Boy's Ranch ever found a pair of headlight rims for their 1955 truck?

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              How often have we all driven past potential restorable or at the least great parts cars , only to have the owners reject any and all offers. They always have plans in mind. Legitimate plans I'm sure.


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                No I don't, DC, but I'll try to find out. Thanks.