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Studebaker Graveyard!

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  • Studebaker Graveyard!

    I ran across this stude graveyard outside Denver. This was owned by an SDC member that passed away a few months ago. The yard has been sold to a large company effective June 14. I spoke with the current manager of the yard, and the new company has been very secretive about their plans for the cars. The yard has more than just the studes.

    Here are some photos I took,

    The current manager owns a lark wagon (with a chevy engine), but admits he's not a stude expert. He told me to get what I can before June 14th. I'm headed back there later this week. Most of the cars have engines. No rust through anywhere - this is colorado. Even the 30's car has only surface rust (and the chrome is in great shape) I've looked over most - no R type engines. As you can see there's some great stuff. I didn't shoot the trunks full of parts, or the piles of stainless mouldings.

    The place is D&L Auto Parts, Byers, CO, 303-822-9565. (about 40 miles west of Denver right on I-70) I'd hate to see this stuff scrapped - but nobody knows what the future plans are.

    G. Howes

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    By the way, I took the photos today, and loaded them quickly. Excuse some inaccuracy on the descriptions, I just wanted to post this as quickly as possible in case anyone wants to check the place out. They have a total of about 30 studes, although mostly larks, there are at least 7 hawks, a few land cruisers, and others. Nothing prior to the 1940 looking car, and no GT hawks, although there are some 64 engines.

    G. Howes


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      Any 58 Studebaker Commander or President Hardtop parts? I need a couple of interior trim pieces, please let me know. thanks


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        Please tell me there is a complete 4 wheel drive truck tucked away in the corner that has not been molested!

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          I didn't see any 57, or 58 models, and just one 56 - a 56 hawk (not a golden hawk). As for trucks, I didn't look closely. They have a total of about 10-12, M series through champs.

          Their best selection is Larks, but check out that C/K continental tire trunk.

          G. Howes


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            One big typo - This place is EAST of Denver - not west. Sorry for the typo - it was late.

            G. Howes


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              Looks like quite a bit of typical Studebaker front fender rust on most of the cars pictured.

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                You may be right. There are no perfect cars here. The 52 is actually very complete - with its engine, complete dash and steering wheel, but none of these is a driver. The 1940 has ripped up seating, and has a few missing dash parts (it does have the gauges) and it does seem to have all the exterior chrome. I only had a chance to spend an hour there. I'm no stude expert - so there may be much better sources of cars and parts, I can only speak to the yards I've been to around here, and Stude parts are either picked over, or were all sold off 15 years ago. I was just surprised to open a trunk and find it full of old stude steering wheels (about 15)

                Just wanted to alert anyone to the site in case they were passing through. Again, the manager has no idea what the plans for the parts are, but he isn't optimistic. He said the new company told him that they were bringing in a boss in his mid-20's, and they'd given him a few weeks of training.

                The prices seemed reasonable - I picked up a 53 dash switch plate complete with all 5 switches for $25.

                G. Howes


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                  Interesting pics - and yard! Looks like some good C-cab metal there. That 52 grille and especially it's rear fenders - would make someone's heart flutter!

                  That "continental wheel" deck lid on that K-body's a "classic"[)]

                  Money could be made from that yard if one applied some youthful exuberance and the prices were reasonable.

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                    Greg, you've got mail

                    Clark in San Diego:

                    Proud new owner of a '63 Lark!

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                      This is just breaking my heart.

                      I need a c-cab hood and I see at least six of them in these pictures including the two leaning up against the yellow 3R/E. In fact, a lot of the panels I want to replace are just sitting there. I'm going to call that guy tomorrow and see what I can do.

                      1953 2R6 Truck (245 cid)


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                        I was out there today and picked up a few things for myself, and a few things for some others. The SDC local club is supposedly heading there Saturday. The yard is open 8-12. If you know someone, maybe they can look for something for you.

                        A few other fun things I noticed - a pickup bed full of stude tailgates, with four very good stude truck hoods leaning alongside - one E series, covering one R series (with all chrome and complete hood ornament), covering one M series (with all chrome pieces), covering one early 50's Packard. Each one was hidden below the others. Like treasure hunting.

                        G. Howes


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                          From your desscription it sounds like there is lots of good stuff there, how about a few of the SDC and list get together to purchase it lest the new owners send it all for recycling into Hyundai's and Kia's[?]

                          I sometimes find it amusing to see someone say "damn it's on the wrong coast," from our point of view it's ALL (emphasis only) in the wrong country, I bet some of our Stude lovers would "kill" to get their hands on such a stash

                          There was someone recently commenting an a "long" (?) flight to Alaska from Texas, try 13hrs 45mins from Australia to the states

                          John Clements
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                          John Clements
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                            WelJohn thats what you call a real long haul


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                              I called that wrecking yard today. They have no idea what years the Stude's are. I am looking for a right rear fender for a '55 Commander. Do you think they had anything like that in the yard?