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    Worked in the yard all day, wife asked what I wanted for supper? I will order a pizza if go to get it. Ok I said, we are to far out of town for them to deliver. I think I'll take the Studebaker... The pizza place is an old gas station you drive into to pick up your pizza and beer. Two high school aged boys working there said nice car. Did you just drive it off the lot? I said no I've had it for a very long time. The other boy said it's nicer than a new car...Thanks boys you made my day. Took the highway back home and met what looked like a new Avanti convertible, we honked and waved. I should drive the Studebaker more... nobody honks waves when I drive the Pacifica.

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    I drive mine as much as possible but your story reminded me of an incident a few years ago. I took my 51 Starlight to a show and cruise. After the show everyone paraded through town; there must have been four or five hundred cars and the streets were lined with people.
    As I drove past an outdoor restaurant one college age kid actually jumped up on the table and applauded wildly.
    Guess they don't see too many of these. Maybe he thought it was a Tucker.

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    Brad Johnson, SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
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      Took the '53 to an oil change place the other day. Usually do this myself, but recent surgery is hampering my mobility. Attendant asked "what kind of car" When I told him Studebaker, he asked "Who makes it" When told Studebaker he said "No, is it made by GM or Chrysler, or Ford."

      Finally told him it was an "85 Chevrolet, change the oil.

      Own '53 Commander Starliner. Red w/beige top. 350 Chev/700R4. Tilt,cruise,A/C.
      Own \'53 Commander Starliner. Red w/beige top. 350 Chev/700R4. Tilt,cruise,A/C.