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Drove a Studebaker today

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  • Drove a Studebaker today

    Not normally a big deal, but is was in the car formally known as the cheap Avanti. It's was only up the street and back, but far enough to know all the important stuff works. It's a good feeling to roll down the road in a Studebaker that last moved under it's own power on 1978.

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    Guess what, I drove a Studebaker today too. I guess I could call it the cheap Daytona. [:I]

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      quote:Originally posted by JDP
      It's a [u]good</u> feeling to roll down the road in a Studebaker that last moved under it's own power in 1978.
      Good .... and scary! I had a similar yet even more risky experience
      driving a 64 Lark 4 door about 15 miles on the 101 freeway that had
      sat on the side of a hill for over 13? years. The front suspension
      was STUCK on one side, but surprisingly the brakes still "worked". It
      had a 3 spd OD, but OD didnt want to work. It drove flawlessly, all
      things considered, didnt even overheat. All we did was add fluids &
      go! That was its last trip, as it was too far gone to restore, the
      floors had rusted away, but the front clip was mint. Tried to give it
      away when my dad lost our house during the Clinton years, but it went
      to the scrap yard.[V]

      Anyway .. congrats on the Avanti, it sure LOOKED fixable to me!

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        I drove my Cruiser to work today. So at least 3 of us drove Studebakers today. Oh yeah, I drove my GT hawk today, too!
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          It must be "Friday, drive your Studebaker day". I drove mine to work today, then I drove it to the local Friday night car cruise.


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            I drove the Transtar to town today. Went to get the white-lettered tires mounted to the vintage alloy wheels that are going on the Provincial. They look slick!

            BTW, the Transtar had been getting cranky about crankin'. I took the starter off and lubed the bendix. Boy does that baby crank nice now!

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              I drove a 58 I bought today, only, it wasn't under it's own power, It had to be pulled aprox 5 miles to my place from where I bought it, but I operated the steering and the brakes, I guess technically that counts as driving.


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                I drove my Studebaker pickup on Thursday afternoon, but then I haven't driven anything, anywhere since Thursday.

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