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    Mac, do you ever think that your Hawk will achieve status that will qualify it to be referred to as something other than The POOP HAWK? I once owned a Poopmobile that required a frame off restoration. The 63 R1 Hawk that I am speaking of is now a show winner to say the least. Over a period of 15 years I spent no less than 4000 hours disassembling the body and frame completely. Sand blasting every nut, bolt,you name it, everything was de-rusted. I even took the rear leaf springs apart and blasted each leaf separately. Thank goodness I was able to use a pretty large blast cabinet where I formerly worked. No stone was left unturned other than I failed to finsh rebuilding the engine. That would have been the easy part. Every thing else was completely re-built including the front suspension and even new bearings replaced the ones in the windows. The trunk floor was rusted through in every corner. I even had to fabricate a new center of trunk floor stiffner. The hog troughs were at least 1/3 useable. Two of the pieces on each side not counting the rocker panels were replaced. I meticulously hand made the front floor areas on both sides with quite a few pieces of metal with ending result being a very close if not dead on replication of the original. From the front outriggers rearward I bought classic pans and just whacked the fronts off. I paid $3600.00 in 1985 dollars for the car and sold it for a few hundred more just about three years ago. Real stupid of me and I do regret it. This car was the chore of my life. When I sold the car for not a good reason, {it was at the time I thought} the buyer didn't have to look but a couple of minutes before handing me over a deposit. I was done with Studes. I proceeded to give him doubles of parts I had acquired at various swap meets over the course of 15 years. 3 years later I ran into this beautiful looking 63 Hawk at a car show that I was visiting. My brother said to me. There was a car like you used to own that just drove past. Well in fact there were a total of 3 G.T.'s at the show and I didn't see any champaigne gold ones. I did run across a dark red metallic G.T. and the more I looked at it it became evident to me this was my former car. Confirmation was the fact that it had the 64 G.T red interior that I had purchased from Tom Mc Farland from Maryland, and some other diddys that I was all too familiar with. Well the bug had just bitten me again and from then I began searching for another Hawk. I lucked out and purchased one on e- bay at a ridiculously low buy-it-now price probably because the seller didn't know its true value, listed it right after midnight and came dancing across my monitor screen at about 4:30 A.M. I may have possibly been the first to see it. I didn't hesitate to hit the buy-it-now. Thats what I call instant gratification. While attending a car cruise about a month ago a fellow came up to me and complimented me on my car. In the course of the conversation he told me of a Hawk he had seen recently and he after chatting with its owner {@#$%^&*(())&} I'm not going to mention his name, but seems that the owner restored the car over the course of the winter months. I led him on a bit and then took out my packet of photos with one being the car he was speaking of in its pretty red paint. Yeah, thats the car he says. I then showed him the myriad of pictures I carry with me of my former restoration project. Any how, I am flattered the new owner prides himself on his paint job and my restoration.. Incidentally it didn't need a color change, only because the new owner favored the RED. The paint was fine. Acrylic lacquer. I know that is a no-no as far as some are concerned. Akin to eating hot dogs I've been told. Any how in my case, all's well that ends well. No I will not even think about restoring another poop mobile. Not enough energy left in me and what for. It can be done but be well informed what you are in for. Sometimes even if you think you can't afford a better one, you will end up spending more on a restoration. Better to get a loan and make monthly payments
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      After all that work isn't it sobering to realize that it probably took less than a few hours to build your car when it was NEW?! Of course all the parts were handy and they had more manpower, but even so it kind of makes you think.
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        I've wondered what sort of manhours Studebaker figured into their products. You know then kept track of this.

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          I could have probably cut my time down considerably had I had all new parts to start with. It was somewhat like a kit car only I had to disassemble it completely , refurbish what could be salvaged, buy replacement parts when necessary, and then start assembly. My cheapest part came frome Pete Kliment from Forest Hills Pa. Very close to Pittsburgh. A trunk lid for only $12.00 in 1987. How times have changed. The project was very sobering. I must have been drunk to even start on it. Long live 63V 14628. jimmijim
          sigpicAnything worth doing deserves your best shot. Do it right the first time. When you're done you will know it. { I'm just the guy who thinks he knows everything, my buddy is the guy who knows everything.} cheers jimmijim*****SDC***** member


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            Mr. Biggs,

            When I bought my '52 Packard (I don't list it with my Studes to keep you guys from whining) it came with a shop manual. I spent several hours reading it and it contained numerous tips for the dealer to increase his revenue by doing other work. It also listed suggested labor rates and parts prices, I think the cost of replacing a front fender and painting it was arount $21.50!


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