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99K for a 56 President?

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  • 99K for a 56 President?

    Am I missing something here? $99,171 ?!?!?!

    It must be a typo.

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    Probably 9,971.00 that is a good looking car though, I always thought that the 56's looked very elegant, and at the same time tough with the daul exhausts. I don't care for the seats, I would like to see something fancier that goes with the mylar door panels like that shimmery stuff with silver matalic thread.


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      This dealer has a nice selection of Studebaker's in all price ranges.I especially like the 62 GT



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        I found the direct link to that dealers website..
        The 56 is priced at $8,500, and the pics are alot bigger. That is a beautifull car.. I could see it in my garage.I'd have to clean out some of the junk, err I mean good stuff though.


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          I'm visiting my folks this summer, flying into Ft. Lauderdale and would love nothing more than instead of renting a car, as I plan, to show up in that cool '56. Getting it back to Washington state might be an issue, though.


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            One of my very favorite design years and my favorite model of the 1956 sedans. This President Classic should have been more competitive against like designs from Ford and Chevrolet. To paraphrase Edgar Kaiser: Had GM built them they would have sold like hotcakes.

            --1963 Cruiser


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              What a beaut! Worth every penny of $8500!

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                That car is one totally awesome luxury 4-door sedan. Definetly one of Studebaker's finest of the 50's. I'll bet someone could drive away with it for 8500. jimmijim
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