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turn signal trim on a 1950 top of fendor

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  • turn signal trim on a 1950 top of fendor

    Hi Folks,

    In surfing through Ebay, I ran across someone selling a 1950 Champion parts car. Too far away for me to be of interest, but there was something I did not recognize. Maybe someone could shed some light.

    There were chrome trim pieces atop each fendor with a lense mounted in the front of each piece. I am assuming this might have been the turn signals??? My car does not have signals.....yet.

    Anyway, were these made for a Champion?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Tim Porter
    Hebron Illinois
    1950 Champion 2dr

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    Sounds like the Commander fender trim with the little glass jewel on the front. (does not light up)

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      But could be made to with a little ingenuity.[}] And were optional on the Champion;at least in 1951. The Commander front fenders in 1950 were longer than the Champion but I would think the trim should still fit.[?]
      If your car came not equipped with turn signals, the wiring should send the current to the parking lights.
      There was some discussion on this just last week.
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        The correct ones for 1950-51 Champion have a little fin at the front edge instead of a jewel. AC-2026.

        Dwain G.


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          Hey, Thanks everyone.

          If this trim was designed for a Commander, I am not going to put it on a Champion. I want to keep the car correct, if at all possible.

          I purchased an aftermarket turn signal kit from EMPI and hopefully will get a chance to start installing it in the next couple of weeks. I am intending to use the existing lights for the signals.

          Thanks again.


          Tim Porter
          Hebron Illinois
          1950 Champion 2dr