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Progress on my 53

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  • Progress on my 53

    Started the final rust cuts on the 53 Commander coupe that was my daily driver thirty years ago.

    All sheetmetal has been repaired except the front fenders. I got the vent repair assemblies from Classic Enterprises and started cutting yesterday.

    I started dissassembling everything two years ago and all rust has been excised, patch welded, finished and primed except the front fenders.

    The frame was removed, stripped and Por-15ed, undercarriage stripped and painted and frame reinstalled; fuel tank cooked and sealed, suspension rebuilt, Turner dual master with all new stainless lines and hoses; rebuilt 289 and twin traction rear installed.

    I have received a new complete interior from Phantom and have all the chrome back except the bumpers and light rims.

    After dissassembly, cleaning, acquiring and repairing seem to be the real time consumers.

    Still need to order the wiring harness but, once the front fenders are clean and straight, reassembly should start rolling downhill.

    The goal was April last year. Now it's Lancaster 2008.

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    Sounds like a fun car! Good luck!

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      Did you have some potmetal replated and if so how did that turn out?

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        I've had it all replated and contributed comments to the following thread:

        The results are much nicer than original.
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