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  • shipping fenders

    I am looking into shipping some CK fenders from the west coast to the east coast. What are the preferred shipping methods for you that have had to ship long distance ?

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    If I can, I ship via Grayhound.


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      I shipped a Buick fender to Australia and I made an open pallet with a 1/4" plywood floor that I bolted the fender to in order to give it some protection without making the weight too high. I had to ship it by truck to Oakland and that can be expensive. I think it cost $250.00 but it's been awhile ago so I might be wrong.

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        It CAN go Greyhound IF it meets their measurement parameters. And it has to be carted TO a Greyhound station and picked up therefrom. I've used them a couple of times with satisfactory results, but it wasn't with a big piece of sheet metal.
        I did ship a pair of rear leaf springs to a fellow forum member and it worked out good. Was one hell of a bunch cheaper than UPS or FedEx would've been.

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          Mr Biggs, this is 2 K rear fenders and 2 front fenders total weight of 200 lbs without any packing.


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            In addition to Greyhound you may be able to find a Less Than Load (LTL) carrier that can help. You will probably need to put them on a pallet, but the carrier should be able to shrink wrap the whole thing for you.

            A word of caution, be sure you know how much it weighs when you ship. I once sold a 4 in 1 bucket off a front end loader on e-bay and shipped it from Virginia to British Columbia. Checked with about a dozen carriers and went with the cheapest. Problem was I estimated the weight and it ended up being 1000 pounds heavier than expected which cost an additional $750. Needless to say, I ended upside down on the whole deal.



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              I received a fender (1961 inner/outer assembly) shipped Greyhound several years ago. No problems.
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                I shipped two doors and a tailgate greyhound and was very pleased with the travel time and price.


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                  I shipped two truck fenders a couple of years age from Iowa to Pennsylvania for $65.00. I doubt you'll get that price today, but what I did was to build a crate with the fenders bolted to the bottom. Totally enclosed the crate, a big wooden box. Then I turned the crate up on one side and marked it this side up. Put a couple of 2X4's under it with construction glue for a forklift, and a couple of rope handles on the two ends. Most of the cost of shipping is handling and delivery. I took it to the trucking company myself in a pickup truck so they could load it with a forklift, and the buyer (eBay deal) picked it up at the trucking dock at his end. If they can handle it with a forklift and use a loading dock, it will really cut your cost. If they have to deliver to your house, that is a lot of the cost. If you do use a truck, be sure to ask if any discounts can be applied, often there are discounts available, but you have to ask, they won't offer.