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greatest studebaker day 4 me

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  • greatest studebaker day 4 me

    Today a buddy of minecane over to see me.He just had knee surgery and is off work for a few weeks.We got to talking old cars and i told him about another friend of mine in the car clud that has studebakers.Well he knows about him cause a guy he works with knows about Bobbys Rocknes .So we went over to see Bobby and look at his cars.We got to see Bobby s 39 commander that hes street rodding, his 32 rockne he going to street rod, his 57 transtar,and last but not least his restored 33 Rockne that he restored to original.Well , being the stude guy he is Bob invited us for a ride in the "33".Oh man talk about cool I was in 9th heaven .We Rode around about 30 minutes ,I was amazed how smooth a ride it was (wasnt on interstate just secondary country roads)It just purred right along.Now thats been my best stude day ever[8D] eat your heart out guys.